Who's Who

Noah "Drakmar" Abrahams

Noah was born as Zephyl Yardhammer to a family of oversized Caymans, living in Rhode Island. It wasn't until the tragic "living chair" incident that he became known as Drakmar, and started gaming. That was about 15 years ago, and he's still going strong. You may remember some of his work from "The Red Sun Trilogy", "How to Drown a Man with Chili at Intercon B", and the feature film "Rabies: Fun but Deadly".

For this particular Con, Noah will be Chair of the Con Suite (not the Chili Suite) and a contributing writer to The Three Nations. If he gets off his butt in time, there may be a surprise or two, for YOU.

Adrienne Amerman

No bio provided

Christopher Amherst

No bio provided

Saif Ansari

No bio provided

Chad "Laurion" Bergeron

Ops Head, Bid Commitee, NEIL Board Member
This bio is a Mad Lib. Fun for you and your friends. If you are unfamiliar with Mad Libs, please find Chad and he will beat you over the head with a/an (adj)_______ (noun)_______.

Chad has been LARPing for (number)____ years. It all started way back when he was a (noun)_________ in college. Some friends of his invited him to sign up for a (noun)_____ called All The (title of a leader)______'s Men. Since then he has (past tense verb)______ in or (noun made into a paste tense verb)_______ way too many games.

With the advent of (prefix)______con B, he started taking a/an (adj)______(noun)_____ **in the LARP (noun)_______ . This is due to his tendency to (verb) _________ too much. This year (name)_______** can be found running Ops.

If you have any questions, please talk to (nickname)_______ @ (organization)___________ (punctuation mark)___ (TLD)_______. He can be most frequently found at (geographic location)___________.

Marc "Jokeboy" Blumberg

Marc is thrilled to be back at Intercon representing the Chicago Crew with not one, but two brand new games. Between Evermore: Faerie Tales from the Dark Side (written and run with Chad Brinkley) and Asylum (run with Margaret Landreth), Marc expects very little down-time this weekend. He is never going to see the Ben & Jerry's factory this way...

Alex Bradley

Alex Bradley dislikes writing this sort of miniature biography that gets included by tradition but doesn't really tell you anything. Perhaps if he had run more than five games he would wax lyrical about his glorious history. Probably not.

He might feel obligated to tell you all about his work on the Bid Committee, Outreach Coordination, Miscellaneous ConCom work... no, really, I don't. If you're actually fascinated by all that, sod off, it's deathly boring stuff and I'd rather get back to gaming.

annA "TPau" Bradley

Queen of all she surveys

Janet Brennan

Janet was raised by French Nuns in a small backwater town on the Bend In The River. Much to their dismay, even the strongest admonitions of doom and destruction could not stop her from entering the Gaming World in her sophomore year, when unwittingly she chose for her very first beau... a gamer geek. When she came of age and the Nuns could do no more to save or damn her soul she ventured forth to the Great Urban Sprawl at the center of the State, where for nigh on to a handful of years she brought a sinister and tragically passionate element to the LARP community through her Boston By Night chronicle... and continued to court gamer geeks. In time she was elevated by that community to the highest honor they could bestow, assuming the mantle of Presidency of the Science Fiction Society and suffering the moniker Princess Muffin to be forever forged to her fate. But these years were brief, and like all sweet things drew to an end. When the ugly Real World came baying at the gates she fled the Great Urban Sprawl to seek her fortunes as a rising Alchemist in the Big City, returning often to the hallowed halls of years long past where she lent and lends her experienced hand to the running of LARPs; Babylon 5: Turning Tides, Dark Ages: Bulgaria, Etherlines: The Morning After, All The King’s Men, Young Wizards In Love, Nap Time, Chicago By Night... and, to this very day, bears a certain fond sentiment for gamer geeks.

John "John" Brewer

Craig's Red Shirt GM #545, otherwise known as pal, buddy, hey you, Max, John, Bronzite, that guy, Mr. Evil, commander, the Admiral, the arrogant one, and several other names not fit to print.

Chad Brinkley

Chad is a full time student in the school of life with a graduation date no where in sight. On his days off, he devotes his time to railing against humanity, waltzing in graveyards, and furthing the causes of small, dejected animals (like Goths). Chad hopes to one day put an end to subculture rivalry, cure all mental illness, dull one half of love's razor edge, and have time for a tea break each and every afternoon at 3 PM. In the meantime, he has settled for writing modern gothic fantasy novels in interactive form.

Shaughn Bryant

Shaughn is best known for his masterwork table-top game "Care Bears: Call of Cthulhu". An avid gamer for many years, Three Nations is his first LARP for Intercon. Nobody will like it, and he'll be drummed out of town, but he'll have the last laugh. Oh yes, he will laugh last.

Christopher Buck

I was born seven weeks early, and, truth be told, I was born naked. Immaturity might have been the sole reason that I was kept back in first grade: I was nearly two months younger than I was, and could not handle it. That, and while the teacher was all for social passing, the principal was not.

Extrapolate, if you will, the rest of my life from the theme of these early experiences: nudity, temporal anomalies, and ambiguous social expectations.

Nat Budin

Described by the New York Post as "an enigma of questionable character" and by the Chicago Sun-Times as "a unique individual, in the worst possible sense," Nat Budin has been missing since last November. Some speculate that he joined a kibbutz in Scranton, Pennsylvania, whereas others hotly contend that he is living with Elvis Presley in a condominium outside Manchester, UK. Before his disappearance, Budin could often be found skulking around the backs of seedy dives, hawking Ultima Online and Everquest items.

Jeremiah Chaplin

Craig's Red Shirt GM #546, otherwise known as thug, soldier, man in suit, russian bad guy, or simply random mook.

David "Prince0DC" Clarkson

President of LARPA; NEIL Board Member; Intercon Hotel Liaison; Intercon-E Con Chair
David began LARPing in the “good ole days” before the advanced index card technology of today. He started with the Society for Interactive Literature at their ReKon-1d game in New Jersey, and he blames them to this day for misguiding him in his youthful years.

He went on to serve as the stock villain in many other versions of the ReKon phenomena until it’s final conclusion in the misty years of the early ‘90’s. After that David continued participating in LARPing among his close group of friends in the Insmouth-haunted North Shore area until the demons at Intercon-A reclaimed the mortgage on his soul. When he is not LARPing David enjoys most forms of tabletop RPGs including products like Vampire, Mage, most products by Steve Jackson Games, AD&D (versions 1-3), Seventh Sea along with many others.

As a participant in many LARPing groups and LARPing styles, David seeks to “spread the word” and bring the differing organizations together under the hobby that they all enjoy. As a self-styled Minister of LARP, you’ll hear him say, “Boffer or Theater-Style, Minds Eye Theater or Home-Brew, Fantasy or Sci-Fi; we are all playing the same sort of game, so lets learn from each other’s strengths.” You can find David at his place among the check-in desk Ops crew when he is not participating in one of the many great games at Intercon-D, stop by and give him your thoughts!

Ken Clary

Fact: Ken is a mammal.

Ken also has written and run many games of various sizes under the auspices of the MIT Assassins' Guild over the past 6+ years. At Intercon he ran Airplane2 (3 years ago) and helped run The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: B Ark (5 years ago).

John Corrado

No bio provided

Rebecca Corrado

No bio provided

Kenny Cox

Kenny been gaming for about 4 years. He earned his nickname of Kenny by starting in a rpg campaign, and in the second session of the game, the character died. Well everyone thought he would get discouraged and give up, but sure enough next week he had a new character... which died after another 2 sessions. The next character Kenny made... for the same game... made it the 4 games till the end of the story. Since there was a new story starting up... Kenny had to make another character... this character died after 4 sessions. At this point it was obvious... if you killed him he would just be back for the next episode... and thus Kenny was born. Since then he was been involved in numerous LARPs and works with Wild Gazebo in running some of the best cons on the east coast.

John "731" D'Agosta

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Simon "Slippy" Deveau


Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Bid Committee Chair, Con Scheduler, NEIL Board Member
in-sti-ga'tor n. [Lat. instigare] 1. One who urges on, goads. 2. One who incites. [Example: Jeff Diewald is one of the instigators behind the scenes of NEIL and Intercon.]

Jeff started LARPing in 1986, when he was told he couldn't get into a series of weekend murder mysteries. Having seen one character sheet, he made the mistake of saying "How hard could it be to write one of these?" Six weeks later, Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll was ready to run - and it did, successfully. Several more murder mysteries followed. The Treaty of Berlin ran twice at Intercon 12.5, several times in Chicago, and many other times in various places. The Idol Hands of Death has also been on the road on several occasions.

In 1996, cosmic forces conspired to get Jeff to Intercon XI. He hasn't missed an Intercon since. At Intercon 11.5, Jeff was named the con-chair for Intercon the Thirteenth, the first of the modern Boston Intercons. He's been part of the staff for every Boston Intercon since then. He's been on the New England Interactive Literature board as well.

He's written more LARPs since then, on his own, in several BYOG efforts, and with TNT Productions. You may have played in one of the five runs of Collision Imminent!, or You'll Be Safe Here, or the latest, a Dark Summonings episode called The Stigmata of Thomas Enfield. There are more coming, but he doesn't say much about them before they're done. It may take a bit longer for the next production; he's been distracted by a wonderful and beautiful woman of late...

Mark "Mark" Dobson

I'm originally from Northeastern Massachussetts, and have lived most of my life in this area, except for four years overseas in the Air Force. I'm currently 37 years old, and have played in and GM'd LARP's for over 20 years. Most of my LARP's have been for a large group of players in the Northern Massachussetts, Southern New Hampshire region. I've GM'd LARP's in virtually every genre, including horror, science fiction (Next Generation Star Trek), western, murder mystery, fantasy medieval, and even superhero. For the group in our region I helped pioneer LARP'ing concepts such as decorating the playing space to suit the game, and games that are more about role-playing and less about goal accomplishment. I emphasize games that create an immersive environment and a memorable experience. In my last game, a contemporary horror set in a large Victorian manor atop a hill, I had a Nazi Laboratory in a secret room, a Family Mausoleum in a Graveyard behind the house, a giant spider in a web-filled attic, as well as a fog-filled basement from which the monster issued forth. A Murder Mytery will be my first con game for a group of unfamiliar players, but it was chosen because based on it's original run, I've determined it would be best suited for a con environment with minimal alteration to the play space.

Paul Dwyer

Paul considers himself a surviving Pliocene mammal rather than a gaming dinosaur. He has labored at play since the 1980s with vanguard actions such as BABUL, Some Disassembly Required, Small Town 1-3, Grand Guignol, Dead Man's Party, Flog-A-Thon, Shakespeare's Lost Play (1997 Timonium, MD, and 1999 Buckinghamshire, England), GBF, Arden, and Symposium.

James Edward-Hewitt

No bio provided

Terilee Edward-Hewitt

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt D.J. Terilee’s DJ experience began at a time when there were LPs, not CDs, at a radio station in New Paltz, N.Y. Her DJ habit continues to keep her in audio geek gear. Over the years, she has DJ’d events ranging from company Xmas parties to larps to science-fiction conventions. Terilee has written and produced over 20 larps, many with historical themes. Her first larp experience was the Live Ring game in the mid-1970s and she has played many games since then! When she is not larping, role playing, or being a DJ, Terilee is an archaeologist, researcher-writer, and professor in the Washington, D.C. area.

Brian Ellis

Craig's Red Shirt GM #547, otherwise known as he-who-speaks-elvish, 1701, the burning starship, random stuff, the cloakbearer, the Tumbler, the canary of love, and several other names that can only be written in Tenguar.

Matthew Ender

Matt was first exposed to larping by Coronation in the early days of Arisia, and has been hooked ever since. Why Watership Down? Because everyone loves bunnies!

Michael Galvin

Mike is, in fact, a robot specifically constructed by the nefarious Doctor Bryant to help run LARPs. Currently, he is on loan to Iron Chef Noah for various "lifting" and "smashing" based tasks.

Joseph Gee

Who needs preperation. Not me. I agreed to do this with less than two months notice. I figure I haven't been to a Con of any kind in the last ten years. No better way to break back in than helping to run a game.

Not to worry I am generally considered out of my mind. n fact I was institutionalized for 7 years=)

Susan "nikin" Giusto

The Muse: Inspiration, sanity and stealth artistic fool for Intercon D
I'm small furry and different and NOT from this planet. Some know me as nikin... I have been acting as the Muse for Intercon D which affords me the chance to give inspiration or counsel to the con-chair when too many members of the agents of chaos surround him. But, I have a real life too...

I write secret and bizarre LARPs with the TNT gang as well as on my own. I dance, costume and help execute special effects extraordinaire. Many of you have played in games that I have tinkered and blown the mysterious aire of curiosity towards.

Scary thing is that I have been writing all my life, having been published at the tender age of twelve. The poem still haunts me to this day; especially these lines:

"I am the alpha to everyone's omega,
I am the key to all the mysteries.
Enter into the darkness forever,
Before me, hold the light to be free."

Eve Jones

No bio provided

John "skykam" Kammer

John Kammer, self-heralded author of the LARPs: A Good Day to Die and Michael Clambino’s Fundraiser returns to InterCon with The League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals. Kammer has been writing LARPs for well over a year and a half and has run them successfully at the KWEST, InterCon, Origins, and GenCon game conventions. Additionally he has joined the writing team for the Altered Realities Campaign.

Believing that no idea is too silly for a LARP, Kammer is threatening to write two sequels to A Good Day to Die including A Better Day to Die and The Best Day to Die. Look for those in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

When not actually working, writing games, coaching girls’ basketball, serving as commissioner of a basketball league, serving as a meet starter for the community swim team, doing yard work, sleeping, eating, etc. Kammer also likes playing in such games as the 1948 Signals campaign and the upcoming Brassy’s Men.

David Kapell

David is a longstanding tabletop GM, with a fair amount of experience in playing larps, both theatre-style and boff. He appriciates the emotional content and storytelling that is possible in the larp form, and loves watching his ideas play out. Multiplied Loyalties is his first real larp authoring project.

Darius Kazemi

An avid designer of both paper and computer games, this will be Darius' very first time as a GM (albeit assistant) for a LARP. He suspects that his experience using plastic peanuts to trick squirrels into doing backflips will come in handy. If you see something orange, you may very well have found him.

Elizabeth Kelly

Beth's Bio

Beth Kelly has been LARPing since 1995 when her boyfriend's friends needed a "shiny happy redhead" for a Vampire the Masquerade game (Beth + bottle of hair dye = shiny happy redhead). She found LARPing a wonderful compromise between gaming and theater, where she could make up her own character, instead of submitting to a director's casting whims. Since then she's PCed, NPCed, GMed, done prop design, costume design, and even calmed down a few alarmed campus security guards.

Several years past her VtM college days, Beth's new favorite LARP outlet is Intercon. She loves the creativity of settings and rules systems, and thanks Alex Newman for saying "So I do this LARP thing... you wanna GM with me?" She and Alex have put together such hits as Battle Beyond Infinity, Long Cold Night, and Her Majesty's Parlor Adventurers.

Andrew Kirschbaum

Andy runs a game store in Chelmsford, MA called 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles. He has spoken on a number of panels at various conventions, and some people actually listened. He has written and run a dozen or so LARPs beginning in 1998. Does anyone read these things?

Arnis "Arnis" Kletnieks

We've replaced one of the "V for Victory" GMs with Folger's Crystals. Let's see if anyone notices.

Cheryl "Munky" Knoepler

If I tell you, then I'll have to kill you.

Margaret "Mags" Landreth

Margaret Landreth, part of the "Chicago Crowd" (though technically from Madison, WI) has brought with her free samples of cheese! This is her fifth year at Intercon, and late Friday night, she will be running her game Asylum. This is Margaret's second time running her games at Intercon (last year she ran Geraldine's Birthday Party.) This year, in addition to her own, she is also looking forward to helping run Marc Blumberg's and Chad Brinkley's game, Evermore.

Tim "Teem" Lasko

Con Chair, NEIL Board Member, Ocelot
Teem has been having fun playing, running and writing more LARPs during the last year than ever before, meeting lots of great people along the way and thanking them for flying Imagineerium. He finds it hard to believe he has been LARPing for over fifteen years. He is using his superpowers for good, as promised, by chairing this convention. He has also read everyone's bio. Assuming his brain doesn't explode with the effort of chairing Intercon D, he plans on continuing to writing more LARPs with TNT Productions and playing in even more LARPs in the coming year.

Sue "Just Sue" Lee

Frock and Tiara Queen of UK Freeforms. I like nothing more than telling other people what to do. Should have been a professional meddler.

I don't have a beard, but I do have glasses, unless of course I decide to wear my contact lenses.

This is my second trip after Brian said would I like to GM House last year. I had so much fun I made two more people come with me.

Bess Libby

No bio provided

Peter Litwack

Peter Litwack has run several games under the MIT Assassins' Guild. This is his first Intercon. He feels like he should say something here about his unique approach to game writing through attempting to reconcile the standard tricotomy of gaming, simulation and dramatism except that he realizes that this would be horribly pretentious and probably untrue. So, instead, he will just leave you with these words of wisdom, "Play my game; you can wear a cool hat."

Ben Llewellyn

Ben Llewellyn seems to recall running this game up here, before. He's sure of it. He's run a lot of games at Boston area Intercons, like Appalachian Wedding, Zombies on Ice, and Faction Island. Games planned for the foreseeable future include a run of (May 2004, England, specifics TBD) and Humans & Offices: The Forbidden Game (probably in Feb. of 2005, in the Baltimore-Washington area). He does not have any clear memories of drinking human blood.

William Lowenthal

William has written a number of games for the MIT Assassin's Guild and has been head and assistant GM to a number of serial games in Florida. This is his first intercon.

Josh "Josh" Marcus

Josh Marcus was first entranced by larping when he played in a run of "The Morning After" during which he met the love of his life. He's also been in a few LARPs since then, but Snaf University is the first he has written. He is quite eager to share this creation with the rest of the Larping community, and rarely bites strangers, except when cornered.

Michael McAfee

NEIL Treasurer
Michael McAfee has been active in LARPing as a player and GM since 1989. He was conchair for Intercon C and since then has served as Treasurer for NEIL.

Scott Mohnkern

No bio provided

Shelly "Evil Twin" Mohnkern

Shelly has been involved in LARP since 1980, which, at the time, mostly involved bashing people with padded plumbing supplies, while wearing faux-Celtic clothing.

Since her return to the MD/VA/DC area, Shelly has branched out into LARP playing, writing and GMing. While she still bashes people with plumbing supplies in Xanodria and Dagorhir, she can most often be found playing campaign LARPs like 1948:Signals and Brassy's Men, and casting and writing for ARC (Alternate Realities Campaign).

Shelly's LARP writing credits include: 1936: Lithuania (With Stephanie Olmstead-Dean), 1936: Cuba (With Scott Mohnkern), 1936:Ireland (With Hugh Eckert and Sean Butler), and a stand-alone LARP "The End of Sacred Months" co-authored by her husband, Scott.

Rachel Morris

Rachel Morris owns NERO® Massachusetts/Ravenholt , (http://www.neromass.com) the founding chapter of NERO® International (http://www.nerolarp.com). She began LARPing in 1995 as an NPC. Soon hooked, she purchased the game from its founders in 2000, and is now on Ravenholt’s plot team. She earns money to lose to her NERO addiction as an effectiveness consultant.

Aaron Moshiashwili

Once the darling of the indy stunt golfing scene, Aaron has spent the years since his well-publicized 'trouble period' painting and working out a quick-and-dirty translation system for Linear B. He wishes to thank the staff at St. Vitus' Home for allowing him to once again take his place in the Greek pantheon.

Alex Newman

A tabletop gamer since the dawn of tabletop gaming (a school friend's older brother went to college with Gygax. We played D&D off of photcopies of handwritten rules that would ultimately become the Wite set), Alex Newman's first LARP was It Was Better in Real Life at Arisia in 1995 (96?), and he's been hooked since.

He is author of the jiggle-movie inspired Cheesecake and Battle Beyond Infinity!!!!! – which he ran with Beth Kelly. With his writing partner Beth Kelly, he is author of Long, Cold Night and Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers Present an Evening of Indian Intrigue, which ran to great acclaim at Intercon C.

Gordon "Gordon Olmstead-Dean" Olmstead-Dean

| |     |

Gordon Olmstead-Dean

Gordon Olmstead-Dean began writing and producing Live Action Roleplaying Games with the administration of a "Killer" Dart Pistol Live Game in spring of 1984. His first written effort was the minigame now known as "A Birthday Surprise," in June of 1986. In January of 1988 he produced his first full-length work, "Covention I," with Ken Brown. Currently Gordon has produced over a hundred and ten live action events, and acted as lead writer on more than seventy five live roleplaying events including games in three ongoing campaigns.

| |

In 2003 Gordon completed the three season"1936: Horror" campaign of esoteric adventure, with co-writer Adrienne Amerman. He is one of several principals for the succesor Campaign, "1948: Signals."

Gordon is a past President and current CSO of LARPA(formerly the ILF) and, and has served on the Board of Directors and in various other capacities supporting Live Roleplay since 1990.

His current principal goal in LARP is recording and consolidating information to make it easier for new GMs to learn how to run LARP events successfully. He compiles his own notes and data, along with the very valuable insights of other group experiences and suggestions from various partners at his LARPwriting.ORG website.

When not writing games Gordon relaxes with his wife Stephanie at their decaying Edwardian manse in Hagerstown, Maryland, and pursues a sybaritic lifestyle.


Stephanie Olmstead-Dean

No bio provided

Moira Parham

No bio provided

Craig Perko

Craig is addicted to the eighties. He is not as old as this makes him sound. Craig thinks of himself as intelligent. He is exactly as humble as this makes him sound. Craig knows several interesting people, and is occasionally an interesting person himself.

Catherine Preble

As her first animal training trick, young Cathy at age 2 decided to catch a Boston Pigeon by falling head first out of her stroller.  She has been chasing animals ever since, and now happily lives with a Norwegian Elkhound, an Australian Shepherd, 6 cats, 4 ferrets,  2 rabbits, 2 goats and a husband who has way too many fish.  An avid gamer since the early 1970's, she set the World High Score record in the late 1990's for Sega Shooting Master, an obscure arcade machine.  She is a musician and actress, and can be seen performing at events throughout New England.

josh "blee" rachlin

We regret to inform you that the text of this biographical summary was lost when the aero-plane carrying it disappeared somewhere over the Himalayas. We have a search party working day and night to find and rescue the data this plane was carrying. If and when the contents of this plane are discovered, we assure you that the missing text will be personally hand-delivered to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Catherine Raymond

Founder of the Red Headed League, a consortium of Live Action Role Playing games, Cathy has been active in various LARP communities since the early 90's. Having run several different genres and systems, she is most well known for the quirky, conspiratorial, and strange. For the last three years, she's been the lead GM for "Rage Across Westchester", an MET LARP set in the World of Darkness. The S.H.A.D.E is her first attempt at an Intercon game, so of course this year is themed "Deja Vu". What she's hoping is that the game goes so well, you'll never hear the end of it.

When she's not LARPing or GMming...she thinks about LARPing or GMming. Sometimes she can also be found prancing around in Fishnets shouting at movie theater screens (usually during The Omen) or creating little frogs. She just relocated to the DC Metro area, and is happily looking forward to polluting them with her insanity as well. NY's crazy enough.

Jen Raymond

Hello! My very first LARPing experience was at Intercon, and since then I've LARPed at, well, Intercon. Well, I've played two games that weren't at Intercon. And guess what? My very first GMing experience will be at Intercon! Please be nice...

Trey Reilly

Trey Reilly found a D&D boxed set sitting in her mother’s closet when she was 12. It was all downhill from there. While at a convention in New Jersey, she committed the ultimate sin: volunteerism. She accepted a staff position on DexCon '94, and thus was lost to the normal world forever. In 2000, she co-founded Wild Gazebo Productions, and co-wrote WGP's Svaha LARP, and thus was lost to even the abnormal world forever.

Trey can usually be found playing or running Call of Cthulhu, Mage, Changeling, or Nobilis. She’s been known to write LARPs or GM on no notice at all if you bring her coffee.

Uncle "Don" Ross

Uncle Don Ross has been writing and running theatre-style Live Action Roleplaying Games since before you were born. Heck, to talk to him, he's been doing it since before he was born. He is most well known for his weekend-long game "The Morning After" as well as too many other games to count. The personal favorites of his harried, underpaid assistant who is writing this bio (Don? Can we talk about that raise now?) are "FOCUS", "All The King's Men", and "Nap Time". But that's just her.

You should play in Don's game, or corner him and make him play Go with you. Otherwise he might get curmudgeonly.

Matthew "Reverend" Sachs

Matthew Sachs entered the LARP world when he made his bold escape from the circus, grasping a passing radio traffic helicopter at the height of his cannon-launched trajectory, and plumetting into what would have been his inevitable doom, had his fall not been broken by an unfortunate NPC.

He has an extensive theatre background; most notably, he played Monsignor Arp in the original Broadway cast of The Story of Ping, coming straight from his triumphant run as Burgemeester Fnord in A Very Illuminati Christmas. He is currently writing an autobiographical puppet show detailing his run-ins with America Online's lawyers, being stalked by his users, Rich Graves, the Brandeis University Department of Public Safety (it was a grease fire!), and almost getting arrested for indecent exposure at an IHOP.

Jon "valadil" Sagotsky

"Jon, if that is his real name, is a Brandeis junior from parts unknown. All we know so far is that he is a liscensed archery instructor and either a high powered mutant bent on world domination or a megalomaniacal robot from the future bent on world domination. We've joined forces with said mutant/robot out of the hope that when world domination ensues we will be spared and given a trivial portion of the world to govern, such as Delaware or Newfoundland." - The Other Snaf GMs

Rebecca Schoenberg

Rebecca Schoenberg is a very, very boring person. She is utterly undeserving of the space for this bio, and nothing interesting ever happens around her. Despite what you may have heard, she has never made a horse explode, performed CPR on a trained goat, been voted InQuest Magazine's Roleplaymate of the Month, or had the cast of Babylon 5 try to hire her as a dominatrix. She has no idea what this crazy little thing called LARP is all about, and wonders occasionally how she wound up here. She is also no fun to talk to, and not at all cute. And she absolutely never ever dances.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Ariel Segall

No bio provided

Kreg Segall

Kreg is back, and he's better than before.

With a new job in New York, Kreg has managed to return from his self-imposed exile in South Texas. And what better way to celebrate his triumphant move than with a larp about pirates, swashbucklers, and the maidens who love them?

Kreg Segall has written or had a hand in a dozen or so larps since he began playing in 1994, including "House Meeting," "Shut up and Play Your Guitar," "Hell to Pay," "The Morning After," "Some Time Later that Day," and of course, "The School for Young Women Specializing in Grace and Maidenly Submission."

David Simkins

David managed to finagle his way into a Dungeons and Dragons game at a New Years Eve party when he was five years old (being the child of the host didn't hurt), and he has been playing, running, writing and designing games ever since. When not playing games, he drives around the state of Wisconsin looking for county child welfare agencies in need of assistance. He is masochistically looking forward to returning to graduate school this fall after eight years in the work world.

Andrew "AJ" Smith

This is AJ's 6th Boston-based Intercon (he thought that it was his 7th, then realised which integer follows "5"). He's here as part of the Brit-"ish" [4 Brits + 1 American] contingent that's running "The House on the Hill" on Friday night. He lives in dread of the day when someone says that s/he's "running AJ's game" in a GM bio.

Eric Smith

Eric Smith's first LARP was Shakespeare's Lost Play at a Balticon sometime in the late 1980's. He tried a few more and the proposed to his wife, the lovely Christine, at the LARP Murder Mystery Weekend. After more years of LARP, Eric rashly decided to try his hand at writing and running games. His first was Fete d'Auvergne, part of the now defunct Mersienne Medieval Fantasy campaign. This was followed by It Sucks To Be You, Heimdall's Children (Viking World of Darkness) and Drink Deeper, a full weekend write your own character LARP. His latest work is the 1948 Signals campaign game running in the DC metropolitan area.

Brian Sniffen

No bio provided

Mike "Mikey" Snowden

This is Mike's first trip to an Intercon, and he's looking forward to meeting a whole pile of new players.

While Mike was proofing & packing last year, he offered to GM this year. It seemed like a rational choice at the time.

For recognition purposes, neither Anita nor Sue had glasses AND a beard last time he checked.

Charley Sumner

No bio provided

Anita "Minx Girl" Szostak

Anita may be only American GM for House on the Hill, but the Brits do need someone local since shipping props across the pond couldn't be done. Why an American with so many Brits? All I can say is that it's all Marshall Marc and Combat Cow's fault.

In addition to helping run a game, Anita also created the art for this con with Susan Guisto. As well, Anita is designing the program booklet, that is if all the GMs sumbit their bios.

Barry Tannenbaum

Intercon WebMaster
Barry started gaming many years ago with a weekend LARP. That was such fun, he helped write the next one where he got to play a Columbian drug kingpin and watch someone kill off a college professor he'd particularly disliked. NEVER piss off the GM.

Having worked out those issues, he took off a few years, until he was convinced to attend Intercon B. It was all downhill from there. Now he's once again writing LARPs with TNT Productions and is enjoying his longest running role in Intercon Webmaster: The LARP. It's not just a job. It's an Error 404: Page Not Found.

Will Wagner

Will was born a child to slaves of the cruel king...

Well, actually, he wasn't, but it sounds much better than the usual story.

So, you really don't care about most of his life. Will started by playing in Tabula Rasa 2. After playing in that game, he decided that he too would write the wonderful stories that make players go "OOH!". He's still trying. In the meantime, he paired up with Andy Kirschbaum to write and run several games. Garwyn's Tavern was the first game that he wrote and he has continued in that vein, writing Grimm Tales and Generation Gap and assisting with the re-run of Elfwhere and the original runs of Elfwhere 2: Heart's Desire and Those Who Serve.

Mark Waks

No bio provided

Conor "Conor" Walsh

A Fool Who Should Know Better
Conor is notable for three things - his penchant for tie-dye clothing, his small-but-strange collection of hats, and his inexorable sense of humor which tends to take over any game he writes. He is a journeyman gamer but doing everything he can to fix that, and will some day write a serious game. Really.

Don Walsh

It’s been too long since I’ve gone out and run a LARP of my own creation, nearly three years now. Since I’ve entered the world of LARPS, I’ve thrilled to playing and running. I started in NERO, and soon after, was involved in their Plot Committee for several years. I’ve run several of their events and stories, and this led to my own games, inspired by ideas that my friends would bring me. Since that time, I’ve run three full campaigns (each at least a couple of years long), and helped my partner in crime Janet with hers on several occasions. Now, I’m itching to get back to it, and the idea of giving Intercon something new, combined with testing myself running for a group of people unknown to me is a challenge I can't pass up. So I hope you don’t pass up this one. After all, who knows where it may lead…

Suzanne "Zandor" Wayner

Suzanne has run larps at too many Intercons to remember, starting with Intercon 9.5. Games she's helped write include "City of Light", "Future's Hope", and "Little Petshop of Horrors". Writing larps is a truly crazy hobby, and it takes up far more time than any non-crazy person would spend. It is also pretty fun, so she is back running "Csh'taa" at Intercon D.

Susan "Empress" Weiner

Susan is one of those people who puts off writing her bio until the last minute in the hopes that she will think of something to say that doesn't involve purple elephants (oh, crap). Well, having failed that, she will attempt to say something that will distinguish her from the rest of the generic geeks. Except that that's what all the rest of them are trying to do too. Maybe instead she'll just babble like a chicken.

Jeannie "On Crack Woman" Whited

Jeannie has run and written enough games that she has started to forget them. Or maybe it's because she's on crack. Or something. Her credits include City of Light, Mariner, Future's Hope, and Hairball, not to mention being a player assistant for the Altered Realities Campaign. Someday, she will wake up from the years-long daze she's been in, and wonder (along with everyone else) what is so great about those parrot slippers anyway? In the meantime, she has been spiraling into the deepest pits of insanity by the enormously vast selection of white paint samples at Home Depot. And if she doesn't remember your name, don't worry - she probably doesn't remember her own. She also apologizes for Suzanne's penchant for writing her bios in French.

Brian Williams

Brian is part of the team running House on the Hill. As lead author, he wants to know how come he's ended up last on the list of GMs on the website! In order to counter this possibility in the future he is considering changing his surname to Aardvark.

Brian has been attending the New England Intercon for more years than he cares to remember, usually in the company of his partner-in-crime, AJ Smith. This year, even more Brits are being brought over (Sue Lee and Mike Snowden) in an attempt to confuse the natives, plus one native (Anita Szostak) in an attempt to confuse the Brits.

For recognition purposes, Brian (as opposed to AJ) is the one with the glasses and the beard, only AJ sometimes wears glasses and Brian doesn't have a beard any more. Neither is to be confused with Mike, who has glasses and a beard...

Eric Wirtanen

Eric urges all who are reading this to change their names to Eric(k) or Erika, in anticipation of the day when all those with the name Eric(k)/Erika shall rise up and take over the world. Don't be left out. Join now before it's too late. (While supplies last.)

In other information, Eric is responsible for such games as "Timelines," "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: B-Ark," and this one. Someone else is responsible for misspelling Wirtanen on the web page.

Michael "Eager Mike" Wixon

There are a surprising number of denials in the bios recently. As "Eager" Mike Wixon I would like to go on record as stating: Everything you have heard about me is true... all of it. And even if it's not true, I'm a guilty enough man to confess to things I haven't done to feel slightly better about myself.

Furthermore I bounce well.

Mike Young

No bio provided