Intercon D: Déja Vu

Intercon D News

Intercon D has come and gone. If you were able to attend, I hope you had a wonderful time LARPing and socializing. All the word that I've received says that the many LARPs at Intercon D were anywhere from satisfying to outstanding.

Registration for Intercon e -- LARPing at the Speed of Light -- is already open. You can go to the web site to register now. Registering early means that you'll be the first to find out when LARPs have been scheduled and signup will be open.

I want to thank all of the ConCom staff, other volunteers and the NEIL Board, all of whom did their part to make Intercon D run smoothly. I also want to thank the GM teams who brought us so many excellent games and the vendors who came to show us their goods and services.

Finally, thanks go to everyone else who just played and enjoyed themselves at Intercon D, helping to create a good time for each other in ever game. LARP is in many ways a community effort and after this weekend, I'm proud to count myself as part of this community.

Thanks again to everyone who came to LARP with us.

Tim "Teem" Lasko
Intercon D Con Chair

There's still openings in all these great games!